Azmia is a young girl living in a war-torn country. When terrorists close down her elementary school, she is devastated that she can no longer continue her education. Luckily, some unlikely heroes come up with a plan to save the day. One is a powerful story that will educate children while inspiring them to do what they can to make a difference. The story is entertaining and universal lessons that will benefit kids of all ages, such as working together and using our individual strengths for the greater good. The story is creative and unique, and could be used as a teaching tool for schools and teachers. One teaches children the importance of education and encourages them to never give up hope because even someone (or something) very small can make a BIG difference!

Alliana wrote this book based on the quote from Malala Yousafzai that "One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world." All profits from the sale of this book go to Battle The Bad With Beauty to help support children's right to education. Alliana plans to use these funds to build a school in an area of need, and is currently working with the WE organization to potentially build a school in Nicaragua. Click here to Pre-order!

Praise for One -by Alliana Rempel

"I strongly recommend this inspiring book One by Alliana Rempel to all children. Alliana tells children to believe in the power of education and change the world." -Malala Yousafzai; author of I Am Malala 

"One by young Alliana Rempel provides light and courage to children in many parts of the world to not lose hope when traders of darkness take children's right to an education away. Young children in conflict affected countries can build confidence and resilience from Azmia's friends' timely response; education can be continued in an informal school setting under the shade of a tree. I am very impressed by Alliana's positive thinking, beautiful illustrations, and sharp aesthetics. Alliana's creative art makes the book attractive and fun and speaks volumes of her awesome imagination. I hope everyone reads One." -Ziauddin Yousafzai; father of Malala Yousafzai

"Alliana Rempel's illustrated book provides hope to over 1.5 billion children and young peoples' struggle for an education and peace. Alliana's appreciation for Malala Yousafzai and Sally Armstrong's work in the tall mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan will inspire many children throughout the globe to build a peaceful and prosperous future." -Jahan Zeb; Co-founder, Global Peace Centre Canada

Alliana is excited to announce that she is publishing her first book!

At age 10, Alliana decided to expand her fundraising goal to raise enough money to build a school an area of need. In order to raise enough funds, she decided to expand beyond making cards. Alliana came up with an idea for a book and began sketching out some of the characters. Over the course of many months the characters and ideas began to form. But it was the inspiration from her fifth grade teacher that really propelled the idea forward. 

Alliana's teacher felt it was important for her students to learn about literature, and began reading books to them daily. She then encouraged the students to write their own books. With her idea already formed, this encouragement from her teacher was exactly what Alliana needed to propel her forward. After writing and illustrating the book Alliana was encouraged to send it to publishers, and found a great match with Friesen Press!

For the past six months Alliana has been working with Friesen Press to get the book ready for print and now she is excited to announce that the book will be coming out in early 2018!

Pre-orders are now available! Those who pre-order a book before January 1st, 2018 will be getting a signed, hard cover copy of this special book before it is available to the general public. The book will be available to the public for "I Love to Read Month" in February of 2018. All Profits from the sale of this book will be going towards building a school in an area of need.

Click here to Pre-order!




Hey Everyone! I just got back from a really inspiring weekend at this years MEDA conference. I was once again able to do a short presentation there and sell my art cards. This year I was also able to sell pre-orders of my book! I love MEDA and I'm always honored to be asked to present there, but one of the best things is all the people I meet and all that I learn when I am there. I always get to listen to some really inspiring speakers. Here are a few of the things that really stood out to me this year:

  • I got to hear the amazing story of Peace by Chocolate. Peace by Chocolate was founded by a family who owned a chocolate factory in Syria but had to flee the country when the war broke out because their factory was bombed. For a while they lived in a refugee camp in Lebanon but then they came to Canada. While they were in Lebanon they couldn't go to school and they couldn't work. Canada was a chance to start over. In a small town in Nova Scotia they started this amazing chocolate shop! I was most inspired to hear how incredibly happy the mother was when she was finally able to see her children return to school in Canada. Plus, the chocolates were delicious! Check out their website here!
  • I learned a lot of facts about peace from Dr. Samantha Nutt of War Child. One of the most important things I learned was that the biggest factor in reducing the rate of deaths among children younger than age five is better education and access to job opportunities for women. (Read more of Dr. Samantha here)

These speakers always inspire me to keep working to build a school and bring education to all kids! You can help too. Remember that all profits from the sale of my book and cards go to help build a school. Let's Battle The Bad With Beauty!

Alliana Rempel was given the opportunity to present her Battle The Bad With Beauty project to attendees of the MEDA 2016 Convention: Women Changing the World. She presented how she was inspired to start Battle The Bad With Beauty, and how being young allowed her to think bigger than even her parents thought possible. Watch the video here.  

Sally Armstrong is a Canadian journalist, documentary filmmaker, and human rights activist. Alliana attended Sally's keynote speech at the 2016 MEDA Convention, "Women Changing the World". Sally illustrated how many of the issues in today's world revolve around the suppression of education for women. Educating girls allows families to break the cycle of violence and poverty because these girls grow up learning to stand up for themselves. The ability to read and reason on their own means that they no longer let someone else "interpret" truth for them. Sally spoke about how important it is for each of us to use our voice to stand up for the rights of girls and women around the world. Alliana was inspired by Sally's address as it spurred on her enthusiasm to continue to Battle The Bad With Beauty. 

Alliana was very excited to get her copy of Uprising autographed by Sally.