Alliana is excited to announce that she is publishing her first book!

At age 10, Alliana decided to expand her fundraising goal to raise enough money to build a school an area of need. In order to raise enough funds, she decided to expand beyond making cards. Alliana came up with an idea for a book and began sketching out some of the characters. Over the course of many months the characters and ideas began to form. But it was the inspiration from her fifth grade teacher that really propelled the idea forward. 

Alliana's teacher felt it was important for her students to learn about literature, and began reading books to them daily. She then encouraged the students to write their own books. With her idea already formed, this encouragement from her teacher was exactly what Alliana needed to propel her forward. After writing and illustrating the book Alliana was encouraged to send it to publishers, and found a great match with Friesen Press!

For the past six months Alliana has been working with Friesen Press to get the book ready for print and now she is excited to announce that the book will be coming out in early 2018!

Pre-orders are now available! Those who pre-order a book before January 1st, 2018 will be getting a signed, hard cover copy of this special book before it is available to the general public. The book will be available to the public for "I Love to Read Month" in February of 2018. All Profits from the sale of this book will be going towards building a school in an area of need.

Click here to Pre-order!