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Ever since Alliana was a little girl she wanted to find ways to help people. At age 5 she drew pictures of rainbows with the word "Hope" and sold them to friends and family to raise money for a local children's shelter. At age 6 she drew more pictures and sold lemonade raising money for the local children's hospital. At 7 she organized her dance group to dedicate their end of year recital to raise money for a little girl with heart trouble. 

Now at age 8 Alliana has an even larger dream! After reading the book "I Am Malala" she was very inspired. It is the story of Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan who was shot on the way home from school because she was standing up for the right for girls to go to school. After her recovery Malala started the Malala Fund so that all children could receive an education in peace. Alliana wanted to help. She drew a picture of a butterfly because it is the symbol of hope and change and she added words like "Freedom" and "Education" to remind people how important those are. She had art prints made of her work and came up with the idea of "Battle The Bad With Beauty" as a website and Facebook page to help her sell her art. Her goal is to raise $2,000 for the Malala Fund. It is a big goal for a little girl from a small town but she believes that this is a very important cause!

Alliana has inspired her 5 year old brother to help as well. He drew his own drawing of a forest of trees and the word "hope" because it reminded him of "lots of people standing together". Alliana hopes that one day all children will be able to experience peace, education, and freedom. She invites you to join her to overcome the bad with beauty!