Hello! My name is Alliana Rempel. Right now, I am in grade 6 and I am 11 years old. I started Battle The Bad With Beauty when I was 8. This is the story of how I started it!

When I was 8 my mom went to a conference where she heard Ziauddin Yousafzai (Malala Yousafzai's father) speak. Afterwards she bought the book "I Am Malala". I saw my mom reading the book and thought it looked really interesting. I asked if I could read it too. My mom wasn't sure if she should say yes since it is a pretty big book and has some pretty serious stuff in it, and I was JUST 8 years old. But my mom remembered something Ziauddin had said. When people asked him what he had done to help Malala become such an advocate for education he said ,"I didn't do anything. I just didn't clip her wings!". So my mom decided not to 'clip my wings' either and to let me try to read the book.

I read the book and I was REALLY inspired. It is the true story of a girl named Malala Yousafzai who lived in Pakistan and was shot on the way home from school. This happened because she was standing up for girl's rights; especially the right to go to school! When Malala recovered, she started the Malala Fund so all kids could get their education in peace. I immediately knew I wanted to help. I had never realized before that so many kids, especially girls, couldn't go to school. I decided I would raise $2,000 to send to the Malala Fund and I would sell my art to raise the money. My mom thought this was a pretty big goal and didn't really think it would be possible. But she remembered what Ziauddin had said and she let me try it.

I started Battle The Bad With Beauty to sell my art online. In 6 months I had reached my goal! I continued to raise money for the Malala Fund but soon I wanted to do even more. I wanted to to raise enough money to build an entire school! For about a year I thought about how I could do this. I knew my cards might not be enough, so I decided to write a book. Again, my parents thought this was a pretty big goal and weren't sure about it, but again, they decided to let me try. By age 10 I had written and illustrated a book about a young girl living in a war-torn country who is unable to attend school, and the magical school supplies who come to save the day. 

All the proceeds from the sale of my book (and my cards) are going towards building a school! You can join me in making the world a better place by helping all kids have access to education. Together we can make things beautiful! And if we work hard enough, we can overcome the bad with beauty. 

Please help me Battle The Bad With Beauty.